Free Communications in English

Free Communications in English may concern any subject within the Otorhinolaryngology.
Authors may submit only one Free Communication as a personal submission and another Free Communication as coauthor.
The number of Free Communications which will be accepted is strictly related to the planned Congress times and to the evaluation of the Referees.
Time allotted for oral presentation: 8 minutes.
Deadline for Free Communication submission: 30 January 2017.
Free Communication abstracts may be submitted only electronically.

How to submit Free Communication abstracts:

  • Click on “Abstract Form” to submit a Free Communication abstract. The names of the primary author and any coauthors (click on “Add Coauthor”) must be shown, as well as the place where research was conducted.
  • The abstract text should not exceed 2400 printable characters, and its layout should be per sections: “Rationale”, “Materials and Methods”, “Results” and “Conclusions”.
  • In order to rule out any editing-related controversies or issues, you are required to send also an anonymous backup copy of the abstract text, in Word format, as an attachment to the Abstract Form.
  • The submission system will generate an acknowledgement of receipt, which will be sent via email to the Author’s address; if you do not receive the acknowledgement of receipt, kindly inform the Organizing Secretariat immediately.
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection by the Organizing Secretariat will be made to the submitting author by 31 March 2017.

Authors are responsible for verifying that all information sent is correct, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

Abstracts sent via the Abstract Form are not subsequently modifiable.

The deadline for abstracts submission is expired.